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Over 1,800 practice PPAER questions nearly identical to what you will encounter on the actual Transport Canada exam.

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Pre-Solo Air Law Exam

Pass your PSTAR Exam the first time – guaranteed!

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Restricted Radio Operator Exam

Ace your RROC-A exam

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Every private pilot in Canada will at least write a radio exam, a PSTAR and their Transport Canada PPL exam. We have developed questions that mimic those found on these exams and have made them available for you to study with.


Streamlined Service

PilotExams online practice exams are automatically made available to you after purchase. Our online exam testing engine gives you the flexibility to take your practice exams when you want, how you want. The exam interface is mobile friendly, so you can access your practice exams anywhere you like.


Fully Customizable Exams

PilotExams gives you the flexibility to configure your exams to maximize your learning experience. The following options are available to you when you take an exam:

  • Question Categories
  • Number of questions
  • Time limit


Exam History and Review

After logging in you will have access to your previously written exams with performance details to show you any areas for improvement. We provide references where possible to help you study. You can track your performance exam by exam to know when you're ready to take the real thing.