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We provide practice exams for Canadian pilots and student pilots.  We have had professional flight instructors write over 1,800 questions to help you study from everything from your radio license, to PSTAR, to your private license exam.

Pilot Exams is an modern, affordable and guaranteed way to pass your exams. If you are looking for study material and you don't find it here, drop us a line and we will add it for you. Click on "Our Exams" at the top of the page to see a full list of the customizable preparation exams we have available.

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PilotExams.com gives you the flexibility to configure your exams to maximize your learning experience.

Take our preparation exams as many times as you would like to ensure your readiness for the real thing.


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  • Fully customizable preparation exams
  • Exam performance and history 
  • Start and return to courses at your own pace
  • Money back guarantee on preparation exams
  • Corporate accounts and bulk pricing available


Exams deliver through a simple, fully mobile compatible interface. Our preparation exams use questions very similar to those used on governement exams, and are written by commercial pilots and flight instructors. Exams can be customized to allow you to study on the areas you specifically want, for as long as you want. Click here to view a demo.


We understand that you're already paying a lot to get your license and don't want to waste money on an unhelpful product. We offer a guarantee on all of our preparation exams. If you take a preparation exam 3 times and get a score of 80% or higher and fail the actual exam, we will refund your money. Simple.